A Complete Guide For Buying Cheap Men’s Underwear

The beginning of looking and feeling great often begins with wearing a great but cheap men’s underwear. Some men consider the issue of choosing a perfect underwear very important and some care a very little about it. In both the cases, it’s very important to have some information on the subject of men’s underwear before making a purchase.

We all know that an underwear fulfills a great number of functions such as keeping the outer clothes clean by absorbing sweat, supporting the genitals, keeping the body warm in colder climates and some underwear is intended for erotic use.

But before buying a men’s underwear, you should know that there are various types of underwear. So lets have a look at some basic and popular men’s underwear.


Briefs which are also known as slips or Y-fronts consists of an elastic band that goes around the waist and cloth that covers the genitals and buttocks down to the beginning of the thighs, leaving the legs totally uncovered. Sometimes they also come with a fly to facilitate urinating.

Briefs provide a greater support for the genital and as such are suited for physical exercise, as they stay in place and keep everything together.

Boxer Shorts

Basically boxer shorts are loose shorts which extend down the legs to varying degrees. They cater a broad elastic band around the waist and straight-cut leg openings that cover part of the thighs. They have a have a fly which is fitted with buttons, metal snaps, or just enough overlapping material.

Boxers are the most loosely fitting type of men’s underwear, as they allow comfort which most probably every man prefer. On the other hand they are not suitable for wear under tight or formal clothing, nor it should be worn during physical exercise as they tend to bunch up. The major advantage of boxer shorts is that they come in a much wider range of colors and prints.

Boxer Briefs or Trunks

Boxer briefs which are also known as trunks are a mixture of briefs and boxer shorts. Like the boxer shorts, they cover part of the upper leg, but they have a tight fit like briefs. They don’t consist of a fly.

The major advantage of boxer briefs is that they provide proper support for the genitals and are fit for wearing under tight trousers as well as during athletic activities.

The bottom of the story is that men’s underwear is the foundation of a man’s outfit. It normally is worn to protect the outer garments from getting dirty and to support the genitals, but it can be also worn to keep ourselves warm and for creating an erotic ambiance.